Prince Charles Supports Oak Beams

11th Oct 2011 @ 10:15

It seems now that Prince Charles is a supporter of the oak business with his recent backing of the Walpole St Peter's church appeal. The Prince of Wales regularly visits the medieval church and has now made an undisclosed donation to the project.

St Peter's is one of the most famous parish churches in England with it being known as “the Cathedral of the Fens”. The large perpendicular building is located in the county of Norfolk and is often regarded as one of England’s finest parish churches.

Walpole St Peter's Church

In recent times however, the church has needed a number of different repairs to fix the problems that being around for 190 years has caused. One of its current problems is its lead roof and its oak beams which are in need of replacement. This replacement of the lead roof and the oak beams needs to be done to stop rain from getting in. With an estimation that the repairs will cost around £220,000 in total, the English Heritage will also be funding around half of the work. Special thanks to Literary Norfolk for the above picture.

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