Focus On: Classic Grade Oak Flooring

4th Oct 2011 @ 11:29

With similar knotting and shakes to the character grade oak flooring, our range of Classic Grade Oak Flooring is quite rare because of its distinctive nature. The main difference between the two is that Classic Grade Oak Flooring holds some distinctive figuring of medullary rays. These rays are caused by plant cells running across the the tree’s vertical cells at an angle. This results in beautiful silky markings appearing as the boards are cut out of the tree. With the application of a wax or oil finish, such as Osmo Polyx Oil, these medullary rays can be enhanced to leave them gleaming in the light.

Classic Grade Oak Flooring

Likely to contain a few pin knots or thin cracks or shakes, these features really add to the overall character of the boards. Available in both Solid Oak and Engineered Oak form, Classic Grade Oak Flooring holds an unparalleled character in its boards. Widths range from 100mm-200mm for a solid board and 120mm-200mm for an engineered board. With Classic Grade being so rare, we always recommend that orders are placed well in advance of a delivery date to avoid any disappointment. To learn more regarding Classic Grade Oak Flooring, or to place your own order, please call us on 01538 304584.

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