How To Acclimatise Solid Oak Flooring

30th Sep 2011 @ 10:45

In its nature, Solid Oak flooring is very susceptible to any changes in humidity. This can of course lead to the wood expanding or contracting. All types of solid flooring is prone to some expansion or contraction, but in areas where this process is significantly increased, it can lead to problems such as warping, bending, gapping or cupping. One of the ways to tackle this problem is by properly acclimatising the flooring before installation.

Acclimatisation is the process of adjusting the moisture content of the wood to the moisture content of the normal living conditions of the room. By doing this process, the wood is “prepared” for installation so the chance of deformation is decreased.

Solid Oak Flooring

One of the first steps that should be taken is to check the boards moisture content against the Sub-floors moisture content. If the range between these is too high, problems such as warping could occur.

The next step that should be taken is to remove all of the flooring from its box and leave it in the room in which it is going to be laid. By doing this, the boards will adjust to the rooms natural humidity and therefore acclimatise. The boards should be left inside the room for as long as possible before complete installation. It is recommended that the wood is left to acclimatise for at least a week, though this time could be increased with higher moisture contents. If in doubt always consult a professional.

If you would like to learn any more information regarding the acclimatisation of Solid Oak flooring, please call us on 01538 304584.

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