Classic Grade Oak Flooring In A Traditional Setting

19th Jul 2010 @ 20:56

Our classic grade oak flooring is a bit of a rare beast.

We select it for its medullary rays and figuring from our standard character grade flooring and we get perhaps a few boards out of every hundred boards of character.

It just so happened that when this customer visited us, we had some classic grade in stock and when they saw it, they just had to have it in their home.

Classic grade oak has a similar number and size of knots as our character grade and so looks great in a traditional setting like ths one.

The customer simply applied two coats of Osmo Polyx-Oil Satin (we supply Osmo at probably the lowest price in the country!)  and the result was the beautiful floor you see here.

If you like the look  of classic grade oak flooring and would like some in your home, please call us well in advance of when you need it - we usually have some in stock, but if we take a big order, it can take a while to replenish the stock.

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