Oak Ledged Door Guide

30th Mar 2010 @ 11:03

Our oak ledged doors are increasingly popular and for those of you eager to assemble one of our door kits yourself, we've put together a pictorial guide showing each stage of the build.

We're lucky to have some of the best joiners and carpenters in the country just down the road and we got one of them, Mr B. Nadin,  to build up an oak ledged door kit for us to document.

Mr Nadin was kind enough to give us some great tips to use in the guide, which should help you to get the best finished result.

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Enjoyed the demo on assembly of oak ledged doors very helpful at the moment as I have 7 to assemble.
Really needed to do it the right way.
Some questions I had were:
I had thought it best to sash clap the planks together before screwing on the ledges because even though the wood is kiln dried I thought it more likely that in a central heated home the boards were more likely to shrink in width than expand. Secondly you don't advise glueing the T&G boards, why is that?. Thanks again for the unique and informative site

Barry July 16, 2010 at 10:10am

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