How To Apply Blanchon Original Wood Environment



A request we often receive these days is to provide a finish that will not only protect your floor, but will also keep it looking as close to its natural a colour as possible.

The best product for this job is  Blanchon Wood Floor Oil Environment.

Offering the same great protection as a hard wax oil, this product is available in four individual finishes. These are: Rough Timber, Natural, Ultra Matt and Bare Timber. If you would like to see the differences between these finishes on an oak board, you can do so by clicking here.

We have created this mini guide and video to show you step by step how to apply Blanchon Original Wood Environment.

( To download a printable pdf version of this guide, click here)

What You Will Need

  • Blanchon Original Wood Environment (A 5 Litre tin will cover 15-25 square metres with three coats)
  • Vacuum Cleaner/Brush
  • Fine Grain Sandpaper (120 Sandpaper Recommended)
  • Natural Bristle Brush/Short-Hair Roller

1. Cleaning/Sanding The Unfinished Surface

Start by sanding down to bare wood.

After which, a light sand with fine, 120 grain sandpaper will help to remove any rougher edges.

Unfinished Sanding

2. Remove All Traces Of Dust

Once the surface is smooth, remove any traces of dust or dirty particles using a vacuum cleaner or brush. Any particles that are not removed could contaminate the oil once it is applied.

3. Application Of First Coat

Now that the surface has been successfully prepared, you can now apply the oil.

The oil is supplied ready to use and should not be diluted. Shake well before use.

Application Of First Coat

Using a short-haired roller or brush, apply the oil along the grain. This coat should be applied thinly and evenly.

As the oil levels itself immediately, it does not have to be worked into the wood for long.

Application Of First Coat

If you have applied the oil with a short-hair roller, you should use a brush or graining brush for the edges.

Continue this process until the whole area has been covered.

Depending on climatic conditions, the oil should take only around 20 minutes to dry.

First Coat

4. Application Of Second Coat

Under normal temperatures, wait at least an hour before applying the second coat.

Apply the second coat should in the same way as the first.

Once again depending on the climatic conditions, the oil should only take around 20 minutes to dry.

Application Of Second Coat

5. Light Sanding

Prior to the final coat, we recommend a light sanding to remove any rougher patches in the wood. It will also provide a superb and easy to maintain final finish.

Do this using fine grain sandpaper, lightly working your way across the finished area.

Once complete, remove all traces of dust.

Light Sanding

6. Application Of Final Coat

With the light sanding now complete, the third and final coat can now be applied.

As with previous coats, apply thinly using a short-hair roller or brush.

Application Of Final Coat

Finally, leave the oil to dry for at least another hour.

7. Job Done!

Final Coat


Thank you very much for all the information on laying and finishing a solid oak floor it is most helpful. I have bought Blanchon Wood Environment from you to finish my floor.
One question - the oak floor in question is to be fitted in a converted loft room (40sqm)and is to be screwed and plugged to a boarded sub-floor. - should the plugs be cut from one of the boards or are they normally bought ready made. If so how much are they and how do you achieve a match?

With thanks

S Thoompson

Siobhan Thompson May 15, 2015 at 8:54am

Hi Siobhan,

Typically the best option would be to cut from the boards you currently have to ensure you get the closest match. When this is not possible, ready made plugs are an option. It is important to use plugs from the same timber source e.g european oak, american oak.

Hope this helps

Peak Oak May 21, 2019 at 11:45am

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