How To Apply Blanchon Advanced Decking Protection



Outdoor woodwork is heavily exposed to the elements. Making it hugely important that the right product is used to protect your wood.

The Blanchon Advanced Decking Protection Environment / Blanchon Saturation has been designed to do just that.

This product will naturally penetrate the wood, meaning the finish will not crack or peel. This provides major protection to your woodwork.

This mini guide and video has been created to show you how to apply this product. In the case of this guide we have used the Oak finish.

What You Will Need

1. Cleaning The Wood

Begin by ensuring that the wood is perfectly clean and dry, without any traces of resin, grease or previously applied products.

If other products are present, it should be rubbed down to bare wood.

For optimal penetration of the finish, there should be a minimum of three warm, dry days before application with no rain forecast within 24 hours of completion of application.

2. Remove All Traces Of Dust

All traces of dust should be removed carefully before the application. Particles that are not removed could contaminate the oil once applied.

Application Of Advanced Decking Protection

Application Of First Coat

The Blanchon Saturation / Advanced Decking Protection Environment is supplied ready to use and should not be diluted. Shake well before and during use.

Apply the first coat in the direction of the grain. Special care should be taken with grooves, joints and visible end grain.

Allow the oil to penetrate for around 20 - 30 minutes.

Application Of Advanced Decking Protection

4. Second Coat

The Blanchon Advanced Decking Protection Environment allows for a wet on wet application. This means the second coat should be applied before the wood loses its wet appearance, before the product is fully dry.

This second coat should be applied in the same way as the first.

The surface can be smoothed with a dry graining brush after a few minutes to achieve an even finish.

With the final coat applied, leave the finish to dry for around 3-4 hours.

Job Done!

Application Of Advanced Decking Protection

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