Wood Care

Wood Care

When we started Peak Oak, we supplied solid oak flooring and that was it.

Customers started asking where they could get stains, dyes and waxes to protect their flooring and we would send them off to various local hardware shops and suppliers.

Then we discovered Osmo Polyx-Oil and knew that we had to recommend this to all of our flooring customers - it is was an easy to step to then start supplying it using our proven formula of extreme value for money.

We now stock the complete range of Osmo wood care products and have recently added a range from Liberon too.

So whether you're after a wood dye, a furniture wax or Osmo Polyx-Oil, you can be sure you're getting the best value at Peak Oak.

N.B. We'll be adding individual pages for each product in the Osmo and Liberon ranges over time so please keep checking back for more information.