Derbyshire Doors

Available Widths
Deep Beaded
  • Thickness
    • 20mm
  • Form
    • Kit Form
    • Assembled

For many years now our fantastic quality Yorkshire Solid Oak Ledged Doors have been the best value available for those on a tighter budget.

With our Derbyshire Solid Oak Ledged Door we are now offering an even greater value European solid oak door - without compromising on the quality.

As with all our doors, each of these are made from the same grade of timber as what we call character grade. This means that these doors will include a range of knots and shakes, making them ideally suited for more rustic properties.

The Derbyshire door can also look great in more modern homes, offering some welcome character.

Each door consists of three ledges with the boards incorporating a traditional deep cock bead.

Unlike our other doors, where the fixings are covered with an oak plug, the fixings of these doors are covered with what is known as an architectural screw covered strip. This visually offers something completely different to your oak door.

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