Heritage Oak - Replicating Flooring Of The Past

10th Dec 2021

Our latest line of solid oak flooring provides oak boards with a "back to basics" feel – designed to replicate the oak flooring of the past.

Whilst the majority of our oak flooring boards feature a micro-bevel, these Heritage Oak Flooring boards are instead square-edged. A micro-bevel is a small angled cut to the edges of the boards (typically along the length only). As two boards are slotted together, a small groove is created. This results in a distinction between each individual board across the entirety of the oak floor.

With the square-edge boards, there is no micro-bevel. This effectively creates the impression of the floor boards being one single flowing area.

Heritage Grade Solid Oak Flooring Boards

A common feature of solid oak boards nowadays is the inclusion of stress grooves on the underside of the oak boards. The Heritage solid oak flooring does not include these stress grooves. This makes them particularly suited for properties where the boards are to be laid onto joists that can be seen from the room below – creating a more aesthetically pleasing effect.

Heritage Grade Solid Oak Flooring

All planks are 20mm thick, a minimum of 2 metres in length and tongue and grooved to the length. Heritage oak flooring is graded to a heavy character grade standard – resulting in boards with a good range of heavier knots, cracks and shakes.

The images in this post show the Heritage oak flooring after coating with the Blanchon Hard Waxoil - Weathered Wood. As the boards are supplied unfinished, this gives you the option to make them as dark or as light as you wish.

To learn more regarding the Heritage range of solid oak flooring give us a call on 01538 304584 or drop us an email by clicking here.

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