Do Oak Floors Scratch Easily?

21st Apr 2020

Oak Flooring will scratch. Wood Flooring will scratch. Being a natural product there is truly no way of getting away from this fact.

Scratches however need not necessarily be looked at as a bad thing with wooden flooring. Many believe that these markings very much add to the character of the flooring - taking away from the pristine nature. This is especially true for oak flooring grades with a higher rate of knots - such as the barn grade and character grade. With these grades the scratches become part of the character of the floor.

Showroom Floor Oak Flooring

In order to improve the overall scratch resistance of the oak flooring, it is important that a high quality finish is used. The more hardwearing the finish, the better it will be at coping with the general day to day wear.

It is also worth noting that the type of finish can also influence its resistance to scratches. Varnishes and Lacquers whilst potentially being initially more hardwearing - once damaged can be harder to repair. As these types of finishes tend to sit on top of the the timber, they can be susceptible to scratching of the finish rather than the wood.

For oiled finishes, the oil tends to soak into the timber more. The characteristics of oils can make them much easier to repair when scratches appear. To remove scratches, it is normally possible to simply sand away the damaged area with sandpaper. This small area can then be recoated with the original oil - which should blend in well with the existing finish. For less serious marks, quite often a maintenance oil can be used. These maintenance oils are designed to regenerate finishes that are looking worn - bringing life into the oak flooring. If you would like more information on maintaining your oak floor finish, take a look at our guide by clicking here.

So what can you do to avoid scratching your oak floor?

  • A regular vacuum and sweep will remove any stones or chippings which could potentially scratch the flooring
  • A door mat at the entrance can help to remove chippings carried in from the outside
  • Any heavy or sharp objects should always be lifted rather than dragged across the oak floor
  • Anti-scratch pads are great to furniture legs to take away the worry of scratching as lighter furniture is moved

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