How To Make Sure Your Oak Flooring Is Spotless This Christmas...

12th Dec 2018

Christmas is coming... The mad rush to get everything in order for the big day.

With Christmas comes to moving of furniture for decorations - allowing you to reach those previously unreachable areas. What better time to get your oak flooring in tip top shape and looking spotless!

Firstly you are going to want to clear the surface from any dust and dirt. Using a brush and pan/hover clean away any excess residue. Regular sweeps will stop dirt from sitting on top of the flooring and scratching.

Blanchon Lagoon Universal Cleaning Kit Close Up

One of the easiest and simple ways to clean and freshen up the floor is to use the Blanchon Lagoon Universal Cleaning Kit. Simply spray the Lagoon across the oiled floor and wipe away using the provided mop - for a quick and easy clean around the home.

Lagoon Cleaning Kit Special Offer

An alternative/further cleaning option is to use the Blanchon Natural Soap For Oiled Floors. This soap is simply mopped into the floor providing a deep clean that also enhances the natural beauty of your oak flooring.

Blanchon Collection

For worn areas, there are a number of maintenance oil available (dependant on your chosen finish). These oils are designed to not only protect but regenerate - bringing life back into the oak flooring. Typically maintenance oils are applied using a microfibre mop/cloth and simply wiped across the oak flooring surface.

For oiled floors where you don't know the exact finish, take a look at the Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil - designed for any type of oiled floor.

Blanchon Multipack Offer


To learn more regarding any of these oak floor cleaning products, give us a call on 01538 304584 or request a callback.

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