16mm Engineered Now With Prime Grading

29th May 2018

Introduced earlier this year, the Rustic Grade 16mm Engineered Oak Flooring has proved to be one of our most popular additions to our oak flooring range. We have now decided to provide this same thickness of engineered oak flooring as a Prime Grade.

Unfinished Prime Grade Oak Flooring Angled

Our Prime Grade is the cleanest grade of oak flooring that is available. Prime Grade floors contain the absolute minimum in terms of colour variation and knots. Prime grade is typically reserved for special rooms/spaces where only perfection will do.

Like the Rustic Grade 16mm, the Prime Grade 16mm boards consist of a 4mm solid European oak wear layer that is bonded to 12mm of Siberian birch plyboard. These thinner cut of boards not only provide a lower cost to you, but also are perfect for where engineered oak flooring is required in areas of limited room height.

Unfinished Prime Grade Oak Flooring Boards

If you would like to learn more regarding the Prime Grade 16mm Engineered Oak Flooring, please give us a call on 01538 304584, or drop us an email.

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