Oak Beam Styles & Moulds

9th Apr 2018

Our range of solid oak beams are available in a number of different dimensions, whether it be Air Dried or Green Oak timber you require.

It isn't just structural purposes that these oak beams are used for, with many of our customers choosing to use oak beams as aesthetical features (such as fireplace mantels).

Whatever the purpose of your beam, upon request we are able to offer a range of different moulds/styles to make your oak beam look exactly how you wish.

Take a look at just some of the available options below...

Planed All Round / Square-edge

Square Egde Oak Beam

Square-Edge Oak Beam Close Up

Bishop's Mitre

Bishop's Mitre Oak Beam

Bishop's Mitre Oak Beam Close Up

Bevelled With Stop Bevel

Bevelled With Stop Bevel Oak Beam

Bevelled With Stop Bevel Oak Beam Close Up

Aged & Distressed

Aged & Distressed Oak Beam

Aged & Distressed Oak Beam Close Up

Oak Beam Mould

Oak Beam Mould Close Up

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