Rebated Door Frames - The Perfect Accompaniment!

14th Feb 2018

For years we have offered a range of different styled interior ledged solid oak doors in both kit form or ready assembled. To compliment these doors we now have Rebated Oak Door Frames available.

Rebated Oak Door Frame Angled

Each of these oak door frames consist of two glued solid oak pieces. This produces a frame that is 40mm in thickness with a width of 5 inches (130mm).

As standard, each frame comes with a 22mm x 10mm rebate - the perfect size for any of our 20mm solid oak ledged doors. Different sized rebates are also available upon request.

Rebated Oak Door Frame Base

Like our Solid Oak Doors, these frames are supplied unfinished, This allows you to finish the frames in whatever style you wish. The frames particular respond beautifully when coated with a hard wax oil such as the Blanchon and the Osmo.

If you would like to learn more regarding these oak door frames, give us a call on 01538 304584.

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