Square-Edge Engineered Oak Flooring - Now Available!

13th Jul 2017

Here at Peak Oak, typically all of our Solid and Engineered Oak Flooring is produced with what is known as a micro-bevel. This term refers to a small chamfer/angled cut to the edges of the oak flooring board. Once fitted, a small groove is created between the boards. The idea of a micro-bevel is to create a small distinction between the boards across the entirety of the oak floor.

Now however, we have a new range of engineered oak flooring which is available without a micro-bevel. This is known as square-edge oak flooring. With these boards, the oak face of each board instead "butts" up against the next. This gives the effect as if being one single flowing area.

Rustic Engineered Square Edged

Currently we have this Square-Edge Engineered Oak Flooring available in our Rustic Grade. This means that the boards can include a range of natural heavy knots, defects and colour variation. Any open defects have been filled.

All boards in the Rustic Grade are European sourced and European produced with a minimum length of 2000mm and available in a 180mm width.

Rustic Engineered Square Edged

To learn more about this new range, or to come and see it for yourself in our showroom, give us a call on 01538 304584.

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