Ways To Create Light Oak Flooring

8th Mar 2017

Times and trends are continuously changing. What was once popular becomes obsolete as new ideas take hold. Of course the style of floor is completely personal preference and dependant on the style of the property. This is one of the advantages of choosing unfinished oak flooring - the type and style of finish can be changed whenever you see fit!

One popular trends we have found recently here at Peak Oak is people looking for a light oak floor. With this in mind, here are a number of products you can use to achieve this.

Unfinished European oak flooring itself is naturally quite light and pale in tone. This is often a desirable look to many, meaning a product is required which keep its this way.

One of our most popular products is the Blanchon Original Wood Environment. This product is a water-based oil which has been specifically designed to protect the wood, without changing its natural unfinished colour. The oil is a odourless, non-yellowing product which leaves a natural matt finish.

Blanchon Original Wood Environment Close Up

There are also a number of lacquer products available, that equally are designed not to change the woods colour too much. One such product is the Blanchon Intensiv, a water-based, two component, 100% polyurethane wood floor lacquer. The clear shade will protect and enhance the woods natural grain, and is available in a number of finishes. These include Invisible Effect, Matt and Bare Timber.


Finally comes the Osmo Polyx-Oil 3044 Raw, which again attempts to replicate the unfinished effect. Developed from natural oils and waxes, the Osmo Raw uses a small amount of white pigments to neutralise the permanent "wet-look" that develops after the application of a clear finish. This creates an "unfinished" effect.

If you want something bit "more" than the unfinished option, but still want a light oak floor, there are a number of other finishes that use pigments to create a light, pale effect. The Blanchon Hard Waxoil - Colours do this in the form of a hard wax oil. For the lighter look in their range, the White, Old White and Light Grey finishes are often used.

Blanchon Light Finishes

A final popular look for the lighter oak floor is the lime washed effect. One such product that can recreate such an effect is the Blanchon White Patina. This product will whiten the grain of the wood, adding depth to unbrushed woods.

White Engineered Oak Flooring

These are just some of the products that can be used to create a light feel to your oak flooring. If you would like to discuss these further with us, give us a call on 01538 304584.

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