New Range - Character Grade 15mm Engineered Oak Flooring

20th Feb 2017

Our range of 14mm solid oak flooring has always been a popular choice. Not only does it look just as good as our thicker 20mm solid oak flooring, but it also comes in at a lower price to you! Continuing this success we now have decided to make available a thinner cut of our engineered oak flooring range.

At 15mm thick, these boards are designed specifically for those areas where a thicker board is either not suitable or simply not feasible. These 15mm engineered oak boards consist of a 4mm Solid Oak wear layer which is bonded to 11mm of high quality Siberian birch ply. 15mm engineered oak flooring is designed for laying in areas with a solid base; such as a concrete or a timber subfloor.

Character Grade 15mm Engineered Oak Flooring

These boards are graded to our character grade - meaning they will feature a range of healthy knots, combined with areas of perfectly grained oak. Once laid, our Character Grade 20mm engineered oak flooring and our Character Grade 15mm engineered oak flooring are indistinguishable.

Like all of our grades of oak flooring, we recommend you come and see them for yourself in our showroom. However, if you would like to discuss them further with us - give us a call on 01538 304584.

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