Montagne Grade Engineered Oak Flooring - For The Rustic Look!

13th Jan 2017

The Montagne Grade Engineered Oak Flooring is the latest addition to our engineered oak range, a grade aimed truly for the knot enthusiast.

Montagne is graded to what is known as a barn grade. This means that these boards will include a range of knots, cracks and shakes. A board bursting with character.

Montagne Engineered Oak Flooring

Previously, barn is not a grade normally available as an engineered oak floor. This is due to the holes that are present throughout this grade. Holes in an engineered board would expose the plyboard that sits below the solid oak.

With the Montagne however we have a solution that not only compliments the wood, but also hides away anything unsightly. Any open knots, cracks and imperfections have been coated with a black lacquered effect. This showcases the character in all its glory.

Montagne Engineered Oak Flooring

Like all of our unfinished oak flooring ranges, once coated with a hard wax oil, the boards look even better. For our sample images, we have found that the Montagne Grade responds beautifully when coated with the Blanchon Hard Waxoil - Light Oak.

This new grade can now be seen in our showroom - give us a call on 01538 304584 to discuss our Montagne Engineered Oak Flooring further!

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