Montbray 14mm - The Prefinished Option

14th Jul 2016

Continuing on from the addition of our Select and Prime grades to our 14mm solid oak flooring ranges - we now have yet another option available in the form of our Montbray 14mm Solid Oak Flooring.

Unlike our other grades of 14mm solid oak flooring, the Montbray is a prefinished board with a distinct texture. To create this grade the boards are first fumed to darken the wood from its natural unfinished colour. This process brings out the pattern of the grain, emphasising the oaks natural characteristics. The next step is to brush the boards using a wire brush. This adds texture to the boards, creating an aged surface. Finally the boards are finished using a dark coloured hard wax oil.

Like all of our 14mm solid oak flooring range, these boards are available in widths of either 120mm, 140mm or 160mm and lengths no shorter than 1500mm. Boards are tongue and grooved on all four sides, end matched with a micro-bevel along the length of the board.

To achieve the full effect of these boards, we recommend you come and see them in our showroom. If you would however like to discuss them further with us, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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