Select & Prime Grade 14mm Solid Oak Flooring - Now Available!

7th Jul 2016

Our 14mm solid oak flooring has always been one of our most popular sellers here at Peak Oak. Previously we have had our Grange (Barn), Legere (Character) and Mansion grades available. Now we are pleased to bring the 14mm oak flooring in line with our 20mm oak flooring range by offering our Select and Prime Grades as 14mm boards.

The Prime grade 14mm solid oak flooring is suited for those areas where only perfection will do. These boards are completely clean of any of the knots, cracks and shakes seen in other grades.

Prime Grade Oak Flooring - Graphite Finish

Select grade 14mm oak flooring is a grade which features the occasional tight knot and shake combined with large areas of perfectly grained oak. Select grade sits in-between our Legere and Prime grades to create a floor which combines character with contemporary.

Select Grade Solid Oak Flooring

Like all of our grades of 14mm solid oak flooring, these boards are supplied in lengths no shorter than 1.5 metres and available in widths of 120mm, 140mm and 160mm. Our 14mm solid oak flooring range has been designed to be laid over the top of either a plyboard or existing timber floor. The thinner cut not only means you won’t lose as much valuable room height - but it means we can get more boards out the same oak butt, resulting in a lower price to you too.

If you would like to learn more regarding these new grades of 14mm solid oak flooring, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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