Fumed Engineered Oak Flooring Now Available!

6th Apr 2016

Carrying on from our latest grade - the Domont Engineered Rustic Grade - we bring you yet another option when choosing engineered oak flooring, the Engineered Chateau Grade.

This new grade is a fumed engineered oak flooring board, which gives the boards a darker look than the standard unfinished oak. Fuming brings out the pattern of the grain, emphasising the oaks natural characteristics. This process can create a wide colour variation.

To achieve the fumed effect, oak planks are inserted into a sealed chamber. The atmosphere in the chamber is then filled with ammonia. The presence of the ammonia in the container creates the smoked oak effect. The longer the oak flooring is exposed to the ammonia, the more severe the darkening will be. With our Chateau grade, the boards have been heavily fumed. Once an oiled finish is applied to the boards - such as the Blanchon Hard Waxoil - the characteristics of this grade will be enriched even further.

Chateau Grade Engineered Oak Flooring

These fumed engineered oak boards have been graded in the same way as our character grade oak flooring. This means they contain a range of knots and cracks coupled with areas of perfectly grained oak.

As with all of our engineered oak flooring, board lengths are no shorter than 2 metres and consist of 14mm of Siberian birch plyboard with a 6mm solid European oak top layer. The Chateau Grade is currently available in widths of 160mm and 200mm.

If you would like to discuss this grade with us further, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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