Oak Flooring In A Pub

5th Feb 2016

Homes, Offices, Restaurants, Boats - we’ve been known to supply our oak flooring in all of these environments and more. After recently supplying our oak flooring to yet another pub, we have been inspired to create this blog post detailing the advantages of using oak flooring in such a environment.

Probably one of the most important factors of a floor in a Pub environment is how hard wearing it is and resistant to stains and marks. Oak flooring as a whole is very hard wearing, meaning it is able to withstand excessive traffic.

In terms of resistant to stains, this is greatly dependant on the chosen finish. As we tested in our Guide To Oak Floor Finishes, when using the right finish oak flooring is able to withstand even the toughest of stains. The great advantage of using an oiled finish is the ability to spot repair. This means that should there be any marks, they can simply be sanded away and recoated - without the need to reapply the entirety of the floor. Compare this to say a carpet, where the slightest stain is more than often there to stay!

180mm Character Grade Solid Oak Flooring

As oak flooring is hard wearing, it will last a lifetime - taking away the need to replace every few years. Again compared to a carpet which will wear and need replacing in this time.

Oak flooring will add value to a pub setting, looking great in just about any style of pub. The barn grade oak flooring is often seen in rural more traditional pubs, and is even sometimes referred to as pub grade in the oak flooring industry. For a more contemporary, modern look there is the select grade or prime grade oak flooring.

Whether your looking for a light coloured or dark coloured floor, it can be achieved with a huge range of finishes available. You can see just some of the colours available by clicking here. In the image above the 180mm Character Grade Solid Oak Flooring has been used, which has been finished using the Blanchon Hard Waxoil - Smoked Oak.

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