Secret Screwing Or Secret Nailing?

11th Dec 2015

The most common method used nowadays for the fixing of solid oak flooring is the secret fixing method. For boards up to a width of 160mm, this is the only fixing that is required. For wider boards, the surface fixing method should be used in conjunction with the secret fixing method.

The secret fixing method involves driving a screw or nail through the tongue of the oak boards at a 45 degree angle. This fixing is then covered by the groove of the next board. These fixings are normally fitted on every joist, or every 350-400mm.

When using this method, our recommendation would be to use screws, rather than nails, more specifically the Spax Screws.

When nailing, a specific flooring nailer is required is drive the nails in. To fit your floor with this method you will of course need to buy or hire the tool, which will add to the cost of your floor fit. The flooring nailers can also often be large and troublesome to work with in tight areas. This can make nailing a slow process.

With the secret screwing method, all that is required is a cordless hand drill - which can be found in most homes! This makes screwing a much easier job in the difficult to access areas. With some screws, to prevent splitting the wood, pilot holes are required. However as Spax Screws are designed specifically for the fitting of solid wood flooring, pilot holes are not required.

When screwing down wooden flooring, you also have the option to reverse the screw. This is not to say that you will want to pull up your wooden flooring, but should you need to pull up a few boards - the option is available. With a nail this would not be possible without damaging the boards.

If you would like to discuss your best option for fitting oak flooring in your home, give us a call on 01538 304584.

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