Oak Flooring Widths In Customer Homes

16th Oct 2015

When choosing oak flooring, an important choice is choosing the width of board you require. With thinner boards you will of course need more boards per square metre. Wider boards will require less boards per square metre.

Some will prefer thinner boards, whilst others will prefer wide oak planks - it really is personal preference.

Many will find it hard to picture how a particular width will look in a room environment. With this is in mind we have created this post showcasing the different widths in some of our customers homes.


120mm Character Grade Solid Oak Flooring

(Tim Harker - Character Grade 120mm Solid Oak Flooring)

Distressed Oak Flooring - Colin Butterworth

(Colin Butterworth - Distressed 120mm/140mm Solid Oak Flooring)



(Nicola Legget - Prefinished Character Grade 140mm Solid Oak Flooring)



(Jon Tilly - Character Grade 160mm Engineered Oak Flooring)


(Robert Needham - Legere 160mm Solid Oak Flooring)


Premier / 1-bis Engineered Oak Flooring - Henwrst Smithy

(Henwrst Smithy - Premier / 1-bis 180mm Engineered Oak Flooring)

180mm Character Grade Solid Oak Flooring Ben Norris

(Ben Norris - Character Grade 180mm Solid Oak Flooring)


Select Grade 200mm Solid Oak Flooring

(Mr/Mrs Gwynn - Select Grade 200mm Solid Oak Flooring)

Prime 200mm Engineered - Darren Dejersey

(Darren Dejersey - Prime Grade 200mm Engineered Oak Flooring)


Select 160mm & 220mm Solid Oak Flooring_2 - Emma Pardow

(Emma Pardow - Select Grade 220mm/160mm Solid Oak Flooring)

To really get a true representation of the different widths of board, our main recommendation would be to take a look at the boards in person. At our showroom we have all of the various widths and grades available to see.

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