What Oak Flooring Colours Are Available?

13th Oct 2015

When in the process of purchasing oak flooring, many of our customers become concerned in choosing the right colour oak flooring to suit their environment. It is important to note that with colours the possibilities are near enough endless, with a huge range of options available.

One way to achieve your desired finish of oak flooring is to opt for prefinished oak flooring. Prefinished oak flooring already has its finish applied prior to installation; during the manufacturing process. This finish could be an oil, wax or lacquer.

Prefinished oak boards allow you to see exactly what colour your oak flooring will be once it has been laid. This ready to use form is very much what you see is what you get. With prefinished boards there are a huge range of different finishes available; from lighter finishes to darker finishes, from greys to cherry colours.

Prefinished Oak Flooring

When choosing a prefinished oak floor, it is worth baring in mind how you intend to use the floor in the future. Should you decide to renovate - you may decide you want to change the colour of your oak floor. With a ready finished floor this is more difficult, with an unfinished oak floor this is easily achievable.

With unfinished oak flooring the choice of colours is endless. Unfinished boards are supplied in their "raw state" without any finish applied during production. This leaves you the option to apply whatever finish you want, to achieve whatever colour you want.

Probably the most popular oak flooring finish we supply is a hard wax oil finish, such as the Blanchon Hard Waxoil, which enhances the look of the timber. When applied to European oak, the boards will be left with a warm honey, golden colour. This finish is often available as a satin or matt finish.

Classic Grade Solid Oak Flooring

After purchasing your unfinished oak flooring, you may decide that you don't want to change the colour at all, instead keeping it in its raw natural state. One product which can help you achieve this is the Blanchon Original Wood Environment. This is a water based oil which is designed to protect your timber without significantly changing its colour. This finish is available in four colours; Rough Timber, Natural, Ultra Matt and Bare Timber.

Environment Finishes

If these oak floor finishes are not to your taste, there are a number of staining products available; such as the Blanchon Hard Waxoil - Colours and Osmo Polyx-Oil - Tints. From this point it really is dependant on what colour you want to achieve.

For paler colours Blanchon have the Old White, White, White Grey and Weathered Wood.

Pale Oak Finishes

On the other end of spectrum is the Metallic Grey, Graphite, Light Grey, and Black.

Dark Oak Finishes

Sitting in between these two ends of the scale is the the Walnut, Wild Cherry, Rough Timber, Light Oak, Golden Oak and Smoked Oak.

Medium Oak Finishes

With any form of oak finish, we would always recommend that you test it out on a small area before applying to your entire floor. This will ensure you are completely happy with the colour before coating your entire room.

If you would like to discuss oak floor finishes with us further, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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