Oak Flooring Ideas

21st Sep 2015

So you have decided you want oak flooring for your room, but with such a wide variety of options available it can be difficult to know what you want for your environment. This had led us to create this blog post, showcasing a range of different images to give you inspiration and ideas for your own project.

In our first image, the Grange 14mm Solid Oak Flooring has been used to create a very rustic look to the room. The large amount of knots and cracks in these oak planks offers some real character. The flooring has then been coated with a Natural Hard Wax Oil finish. The Grange boards have also been used to create an oak shelf which matches into the flooring perfectly.

Grange 14mm Solid Oak Flooring

Offering something completely different to the rustic nature of the barn grade, is our Premier / 1-bis grade. This very clean grade has been used the project below to create a very modern and contemporary living space. The minimalistic nature of the oak flooring, compliments the rest of the room.

Premier / 1-bis Engineered Oak Flooring

Whether oak flooring is suitable for a bathroom is a question we get asked regularly at Peak Oak. In the following project our ever popular character grade has been used. The character grade contains a range of knots and cracks as well as areas of perfectly grained oak. This makes it the ideal grade for just about any environment.

Character Grade Engineered Oak Flooring

Similar in grade to our character grade is our Rustic grade - which can equally look just as great in a living area.

Rustic Grade Engineered Oak Flooring

Prime grade oak flooring is for those looking for nothing but perfection from their oak flooring. These boards consist of perfectly grained oak - with no knots, cracks or shakes. In the image below the prime grade has been used as a natural compliment to the kitchen environment.

Prime Grade Oak Flooring

Our Vivaldi range of engineered oak flooring offers a sawn surface texture to create a truly unique floor. In this example the Vivaldi has been used in a bedroom environment in combination with wooden beams and furniture.

Vivaldi Engineered Oak Flooring

With oak flooring, the possibilities are endless with regards to the finish. Whether you want a light oak floor, or a dark oak floor, there is an appropriate finish available. In our showroom a black floor finish has been used, which works beautifully against the white furnishings.

Engineered Oak Flooring

In the image below a black finish has again been used, this time in a kitchen setting to match with the black cabinets.

Engineered Oak Flooring

Oak flooring is not only reserved for residential environments, it can also look great in a commercial setting. In their Regent Street, London store, Juicy Couture laid our engineered oak flooring in a herringbone pattern.

Juicy Couture Engineered Oak Flooring

Oak flooring can also not be used as flooring at all - as proved in the image below where it has been used as cladding!

Prime Grade Oak Cladding

If you would like even more ideas for your project, take a look at our Inspirations section. Do you have any images you wish to share with us? Send them through to our email by Clicking Here.

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