5 Essential Tools For Finishing Your Oak Flooring

18th Aug 2015

With your unfinished oak flooring successfully fitted, your final job is to finish the oak boards with your chosen product. The type of finish chosen, the application process and how many coats are required, comes down to what you require from your oak flooring.

Hard Wax Oils, such as Blanchon and Osmo, will leave your oak flooring with a warm and natural, honey colour. For those who require a lighter, or a darker finish, there are products such as the Blanchon Hard Waxoil - Colours or Blanchon Original Wood Environment available.

With your finish chosen, you can begin the application process. To ensure that this process is completed without any problems, we have created this list of the five items we recommend to help you finish your oak flooring.


Dependant on your oak flooring chosen, your oak planks may require sanding before application. This will help to ensure that the floor is both smooth, and free from anything that could contaminate the finish. It is important that the right grade of sandpaper is used. The wrong grade of sandpaper could affect how the oak boards take the finish.

Always check with your chosen finishes recommendation before sanding.


Vacuum Cleaner

After sanding and before applying the oil, any excess dust should be removed. Again, leaving this dust on the planks could contaminate the finish. The dust should be removed using either a vacuum cleaner or dust pan and brush.

Floor Brush

For the application of the finish we normally find a natural bristle brush to be the most effective solution. For some finishes, a roller is also an option.

With our oiled finishes we always recommend our 220mm floor brush. The brush simply fits onto a stale, and allows you to apply the finish quickly and easily. Larger areas can easily be covered with the oil. Compare this to a hand brush where only small areas can be coated at a time.


Cotton Cloth

A vital addition to the application process is to have some clean cotton cloths to hand. When applying products such as the hard wax oils, any excess should be removed and the oil  should be worked into the timber. Wiping with a cotton cloth will help to remove any excess, whilst buffing will provide an attractive, even finish. A buffing machine fitted with a soft beige or white pad will also perform a similar job.


Brush Cleaner

With your oak floor now fully coated, all of your tools and accessories should be properly cleaned. Although the Blanchon Original Wood Environment can be cleaned out with just water, Hard Waxoils will require a dedicated brush cleaner. After every use of the hard wax oil you should make sure to properly clean out your equipment to preserve their longevity.

If you would like to learn more regarding the application of Hard Wax Oils or Blanchon Original Wood Environment, our dedicated guides can be found under our Guides Section.

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