In What Situations Would I Use Engineered Oak Flooring?

2nd Jul 2015

When researching into whether to oak flooring, you will have no doubt heard that there are different situations and environments where solid oak flooring or engineered oak flooring would be used. So what sort of situations would you need engineered oak flooring?

Due to its construction, engineered oak flooring is perfect for those areas which require added stability. Engineered oak flooring boards consist of a combination of a solid oak top layer, which is bonded to a plyboard base. Our engineered oak flooring boards at Peak Oak are made up of a 6mm solid European oak top layer, which is bonded to 14mm of Siberian birch plyboard. This results in a strong and stable 20mm thick engineered oak board.


Engineered oak flooring is generally used for areas where solid oak flooring would not be fit for purpose. These are normally areas of changeable humidity's and temperature.

Areas which are likely to succumb to such changes are kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. These areas will regularly have variable temperature and humidity changes in day to day life. Laying a solid oak floor in such conditions may lead to the boards moving and taking in moisture. Engineered oak flooring is much less prone to experiencing these problems, and therefore much more ideally suited for these environments.

With many modern day renovation projects, comes the installation of underfloor heating systems. With these systems, we would never recommend laying a solid oak floor over the top as an underfloor heating system will experience regular changes in temperature. Engineered oak flooring is the recommend choice in this situation.

Character Grade Engineered In A Bathroom_2

A final area where it is more suitable to lay engineered oak flooring rather than solid oak flooring is over a concrete subfloor. In this situation you typically have two options in terms of fitting. The first method would be to glue to oak boards to the subfloor. Due to the increased movement of wider boards, we would not recommend glueing solid oak flooring boards wider than 120mm. For wider boards we would again recommend engineered oak flooring. The second method of fitting would be to floating floor method. This involves glueing the tongue and grooves of each board together. For this method we would only recommend using engineered oak flooring - you should never float a solid oak floor.

Engineered oak flooring is available in a number of different widths and a number of different grades. One such grade is the Prime Grade Engineered Oak Flooring, which forms the basis of this months special offer. For July 2015 only, we are offering our Prime Grade Engineered Oak Flooring, in widths of either 140mm or 160mm, for just £43.99 + VAT per m2 + Delivery. To place your order, please give us a call on 01538 304584.


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