Character Or Classic Grade Oak Flooring?

25th Jun 2015

The character grade oak flooring remains to this day our most popular grade of oak flooring. On the face of it, our classic grade is very similar to the character. So what are the key differences between these grades?

Character grade oak flooring is very much the middle ground of oak floor grading. Boards in this grade will feature knots of varying size (some of which may contain cracks or holes), colour variations, the odd shake and end crack, as well as large areas of perfectly grained oak.


Character grade oak flooring looks great in just about any environment. The nature of the grade means it is equally at home in barn conversions as it is in more contemporary properties.

The character grade is available as a 20mm solid oak board, as well as as a 14mm board under the name Legere. Character grade is also available as an engineered oak flooring board. A number of varying widths are available; so whether you are after a thinner board, or a wider board, it can be achieved with the character grade.


Our Classic grade oak flooring, carries much of the same features as the character grade oak flooring; with a similar range of knots, cracks and shakes. The key difference between these grades is the distinctive figuring of medullary rays. These rays are caused by plant cells running across and at angle to the tree’s usual vertical cells. This results in beautiful, silky, sometimes silver markings, once the boards are cut out of the tree. Once Classic boards have been enhanced by a wax or oil finish, the figuring will look staggering.

Like the character grade, the classic grade is available as a solid or engineered oak board and available in a number of various widths.

To really appreciate the differences of these grades, we always recommend that you come and take a look at them in our showroom. Give us a call on 01538 304584 to discuss these grades with us further.


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