Why Choose Character Grade Oak Flooring?

11th Jun 2015

The Character grade oak flooring remains our most popular grade of oak flooring, so what is it that makes so many choose this grade?

The character grade can be seen as the perfect grade for just about any environment. Character grade floors will look great in both rustic properties and more contemporary properties alike. Seen as the middle ground in terms of grading, these boards feature aspects which can appeal to many.

Character Grade Solid Oak Flooring_7

A blend of knots of varying size (some of which may contain cracks or holes), some colour variation and perhaps the odd shake and end crack, are all present in character grade oak flooring boards. These boards also contain large areas of perfectly grained oak. This makes character grade the ideal grade for many, combining all aspects of oak floor grading.

Our character grade solid oak flooring is available either prefinished or unfinished. Our prefinished boards have been finish with a matt hard wax oil, which leaves the boards with a warm honey like colour. These boards can be fitted into place without the need to apply a finish once laid. Being a prefinished board, any open defects and knots have been filled. With our unfinished solid oak boards, the knots are left open, for that truly natural feel. These unfinished boards have the advantage of being able to be coated with whatever stain, oil, wax, or lacquer you see fit.

Character Grade 14mm Solid Oak Flooring

Further to our solid character grade, we also have the character grade available as an engineered oak board. This is for those who can’t lay a solid oak flooring, but want the look of the character grade. Engineered oak brings added stability, meaning these boards can be laid in a wider range of situations and environments. Each board has a full width, 6mm top layer of solid European character grade oak, which is applied to a strong, stable plyboard base.

If you would like to discuss our character grade oak flooring with us further, give us a call on 01538 304584.

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