Introducing: Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil

4th Jun 2015

Over time, no matter what finish you apply to your oak flooring, your boards will require some maintenance. Applying maintenance oils to your finish will help to revitalise your oak floors finish.

Dependant on your finish of choice, there are specific maintenance oils available. Blanchon’s latest product, that we now have available, offers a maintenance oil which is suitable for all oiled floors.

The Blanchon Universal Maintenance Oil protects and regenerates all surfaces which have been coated with Blanchon oils, as well as maintenance of wood floors that have been oiled by the producer. It is this flexibility which makes it perfect for maintaining your oak flooring, regardless of the oiled finish.


Available in either a 0.5 litre spray bottle or a 1 litre can, the universal maintenance oil is a quick drying, odourless formula, After application, rooms are almost immediately ready to use: after 20 minutes.

The 0.5 Litres spray bottles are available for £13.20 + VAT + Delivery, whereas the 1 Litre is available for £18.00 + VAT + Delivery. To place your order, give us a call on 01538 304584.

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