Why Should I Choose Select Grade For My Oak Flooring?

25th Mar 2015 @ 18:15

Choosing the right grade to suit your environment is one of the most important factors when purchasing your oak flooring. With all of the grades very much the same in terms of durability, choosing the right grade is very much a case of personal preference.

One of the cleaner grades of oak flooring available is the Select Grade. This grade of timber fits in between our character grade and our prime grade oak flooring. Where a Prime grade board is completely free from knots, cracks and shakes, the Select grade has the slightest bit of character to help break up the board. These boards can feature the occasional smaller knot, tiny shake and tiny crack.


Select Grade Oak Flooring


The select grade oak flooring is ideally suited for the more modern homes, offering the perfect backdrop to contemporary furniture. The small bits of character in these boards offer a small nod to rustic properties.

As with many of our grades, the select is supplied unfinished, meaning you can stain or wax the boards however you wish. Our usual long length of boards and a number of different widths are also available with this grade.




Select is available as a traditional solid oak board, or as an engineered oak board. The engineered boards allow you to fit the flooring over underfloor heating or in areas with higher humidity.

With any grade of oak flooring, we always recommend that you come and visit our showroom. Here you can see all of the various grades laid out, so you can choose exactly which grade best suits your situation.

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