Is Oak Flooring Suitable For A Restaurant?

13th Mar 2015 @ 13:37

Oak flooring is finding its way into all walks of life. As well as residential areas, oak flooring is now being used more and more in commercial areas. One such area is restaurants, so what makes oak flooring so suitable?

The first point of note is just how hard wearing oak flooring can be. It is able to stand up to the daily demands that such an environment may require. When coupled with an hard wearing finish, oak flooring is extremely durable.

In a food environment, one of the main issues will be spillages of food and drink. With oak flooring these marks can more often than not be simply wiped away. More serious marks on an oak floor, can often be sanded away and the finish recoated. Compare this to spillages of food and drink onto a carpet where they are more of an issue. These can often leave stains, which can be difficult to get rid off.


Prime Grade Oak Flooring In Restaurant


Wet footprints and heavy traffic are something else that a food environment may suffer from. Like before, a carpet could easily stain and be difficult to get dry. With oak flooring, the dirt and water can simply be mopped away.

A further point that sets oak flooring out from the rest is the ability to renovate the floor when required. With unfinished oak flooring you are free to apply whatever oil, wax, or lacquer, in whatever style you see fit. If you would like a different style or colour after a number of years, the finish can simply be sanded away and re-coated. Compare this to carpets or tiles, where they would have to be completely replaced to achieve this.

Nothing quite matches the look and feel of a high quality oak floor. The choice of grades available enables you to choose an appropriate oak floor to suit your environment. For a rural country pub, where maximum character is required, the barn grade or character grades are up to the job. For areas which require a more minimalist, contemporary approach there is the select and prime grades.


Vivaldi Oak Flooring


Oak flooring can be laid in a number of different environments. Solid oak flooring can be laid in the more traditional situations, such as over joists or existing timber floors. Engineered oak flooring can be laid in the same environments as solid oak flooring, as well as in more difficult situations. The added stability of these boards allow engineered boards to be laid over concrete sub floors, as well as over the top of underfloor heating systems.

Our oak flooring has been used in a number of commercial areas. More recently our oak flooring has been used inside the George's Tradition Fish & Chip Kitchen, Nottingham, which is featured in the February issue of the Premier Hospitality Magazine.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of oak flooring further with us, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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