Grange Or Legere 14mm Solid Oak Flooring?

6th Mar 2015 @ 15:16

For those areas where a full 20mm solid oak board is not suitable, we have the 14mm solid oak flooring. This flooring is designed to fit the ever more challenging locations.

A common requirement these days is to replace a carpet which has been laid over the top of a plywood sub-floor with oak flooring. Other areas may require the oak flooring to be laid directly over an existing timber floor. These situations often need to be done without losing too much room height. Our 14mm solid oak flooring is the solution to this problem.


14mm & 20mm Oak Flooring


Our 14mm solid oak boards are made from the same high quality European Oak as our standard 20mm solid oak flooring. At 14mm thick, they are just thick enough to provide stable flooring. The thinner cut of the boards means that we are able to get more boards out of the same oak butt, which means a lower price to you too! These boards are available in widths of 120mm, 140mm and 160mm and in our usual long lengths. We have a number of grades available in the 14mm boards; including the Grange and Legere grades.

The Grange solid oak flooring is the equivalent of our Barn grade solid oak flooring. This grade is sometimes referred to as rustic or pub grade in the oak flooring industry. These boards include a high number of knots, burrs, colour streaks, shakes, cracks and even some holes. For those areas where maximum character is required, the Grange is the ideal floor.


Legere & Grange 14mm Solid Oak Flooring


Our Legere grade solid oak flooring is similar in terms of grading to our ever popular character grade solid oak flooring. These boards feature occasional knots of varying size (some of which may contain cracks or holes), colour variation, and some shakes and end cracks. These boards also feature areas of perfectly grained oak. The character grade can be seen very much as the "middle ground" in terms of grading. These boards can look great in just about any environment, whether it be barn conversions and older family homes, or the more contemporary properties.

To get a proper feel for these grades of oak flooring, we recommend that you come and visit our showroom where you can see the flooring laid. Give us a call on 01538 304584 to discuss these grades further.

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