Where To Use Prime Grade Oak Flooring

18th Feb 2015 @ 10:04

So you’ve decided you want oak flooring, and you've come across the Prime oak flooring grade as a possible option. But what exactly is prime grade and is it suitable for your environment?

Prime grade oak flooring boards are all taken from the centre of the trunk. This means that only a small amount of prime grade boards are produced from each oak tree. These boards are free from knots, cracks, shakes and burrs. These boards are also uniform in colour.

Due to the very minimalist nature of the prime boards, they are ideally suited to modern and contemporary settings. Prime grade oak flooring is ideal for those areas where nothing less than perfection will do; where the floor must look beautiful, without distracting the eye.

Prime Grade Oak Flooring

As with all of our flooring, the prime grade is hand selected. This ensures that when your order prime grade, you get prime grade. If a board isn’t perfect, it won't be included in this grade.

The prime grade is available in both our solid oak flooring and our engineered oak flooring ranges. When laying over existing wooden subfloors, or directly onto joists, our solid oak flooring can be used.

For the more tricky environments, such as concrete subfloors or over underfloor heating, our prime grade engineered oak flooring can be used. With a 6mm top layer, fixed to 14mm of Siberian birch plyboard, our engineered oak flooring will look no different than our solid oak flooring once laid. The great advantage of engineered boards is the added stability they provide, making them more suitable for different environments.

Give us a call if you would like to discuss the prime grade with us further.

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