Points To Consider When Applying A Finish To Oak Flooring

11th Feb 2015 @ 10:10

Oak flooring is supplied in either an unfinished state or a prefinished state. Prefinished oak flooring is supplied with a factory finish, meaning that once the boards are laid, no additional work needs to be done. Unfinished boards are laid before a finish is applied. The great advantage of unfinished boards is that they give you a greater range of options of how you would like your oak flooring to look. When applying a finish to your oak flooring there are a number of points to consider.

The type of finish chosen is the first point to consider. Whether you opt for a lacquered finish or an oiled finish, it is important that it meets the demands of your area. How the finish will look on your oak floor is the most important point - we always recommend testing out the finish on a off cut first. How hard wearing your chosen finish is, should also be considered. Our guide to oak floor finishes takes a look at just that. How to maintain your oak floor finish is a further important factor.

Blanchon & Osmo

Having the right tools for the job of applying your finish will help to avoid any problems, as well as saving you valuable time. Whatever finish you apply, be sure to check the label to see what equipment is recommended for the application - whether this be a natural bristle brush, short-haired roller etc. For the application of any of the oils we supply, we always recommend using our 220mm wide floor brushes. The natural bristles of these brushes, means that only the correct amount of oil is held at the top of brush. This means you will not apply too much. Any standard broom handle can be inserted into the brush, saving the need to get down on your hands and knees. These brushes can be cleaned out using white spirit or a brush cleaner and thinner.

The application process very much goes hand in hand with having the right tools. Always follow the instructions as specified. When applying oiled finishes, it is important that you do not over apply the oil. This will result in extended drying times and a none consistent finish. Equally it is important that you are not applying too little oil. If the finish suggests a coverage of 25m2, that should be the coverage you apply.

After applying your finish, adequate time should be allowed for it to properly dry out. Whilst the finish is drying, refrain from walking across the oak floor. Doing so could cause a contamination to the finish. Once all coats have been applied and have dried, additional care should be taken over the initial weeks whilst the finish hardens.

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