Hakwood Premier / 1-bis or Prime Engineered Oak Flooring?

6th Feb 2015 @ 17:25

In our previous blog post, we took at look at the Classical and the Rustic grades of the Hakwood engineered oak flooring. For a cleaner grade of timber, there is the Premier / 1-bis or the Prime grade. So what are the differences?

For a clean, sleek engineered oak board with the slightest bit of character, there is the Hakwood Premier / 1-bis. These boards consist of perfectly grained oak, with the occasional pin knot to help break up the boards. This flooring looks absolutely stunning in contemporary settings.

When nothing but perfection will do, there is the Hakwood Prime grade. These boards are free from the knots and shakes that are often displayed in the other grades. The prime grade boards offer the most uniform look of all of the Hakwood grades available. Hakwood Prime is suited for areas that require a very clean and contemporary look.


Hakwood Premier / 1-bis and Prime


Again, like all of our engineered boards, these grades consist of a 6mm solid oak top layer which is fixed to 14mm of water resistant plywood. The Hakwood Premier / 1-bis is available in widths of 142mm, 180mm and 240mm. The Hakwood Prime grade engineered oak flooring is available in a width of 180mm.

With both of these grades, as with all our grades of oak flooring, we always recommend you come and see the boards in situ when possible. This helps you to really appreciate the differences between the grades. If you would like to discuss them further with us, give us a call on 01538 304584.

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