February 2015 Special Offer: 160mm Manor House Solid Oak Flooring

4th Feb 2015 @ 17:48

Into a new month we go and with it comes our latest special offer. For February 2015 only, we are offering our 160mm wide Manor House Solid Oak Flooring at just £29.99 + VAT per square metre.

The Manor grade is very much one of our most unique grades of oak flooring available. This is because of the large strips of deep brown oak, which can be seen throughout the boards. These strips appear when a naturally occurring fungus living within the oak tree, causes a discolouration of the timber. When the oak is then milled, the floorboards are left with deeply coloured areas of grain.


February 2015 Special Offer


As with all of our oak flooring, the boards are supplied in our traditional long lengths. These boards are supplied unfinished, so you can finish the boards however you see fit.

At the price of just £29.99 + VAT per square metre, these boards are likely to sell out quickly. To place your order give us a call on 01538 304584.

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