Character Grade Solid Oak Flooring: Unfinished Or Prefinished?

21st Jan 2015 @ 17:34

The character grade is by far our most popular grade of oak flooring available. This grade is available in our engineered oak flooring range as a 20mm thick board and our solid oak flooring range in a thickness of 20mm or 14mm.

Defined by its blend of knots, shakes, fissures, colour variation and the odd end crack, character grade typically suits just about any environment. These boards can look great in barn conversions and more contemporary settings alike.

For those opting for a 20mm solid oak board, we have the character grade available in either prefinished or unfinished form.

Prefinished Character Grade Solid Oak Flooring

With the demand for projects to be completed quicker than ever nowadays, our prefinished character grade has been created. Supplied in a "ready to lay" form, these boards have been prefinished with a matt hard wax oil. This gives the boards a warm honey like colour. As these boards are supplied prefinished, any open defects and knots have been filled. Prefinished character grade oak flooring is tongue and grooved around all four sides, with grooved underside for stability. They are also micro-bevelled along all four sides of the board and currently available in widths of 140mm and 160mm.

If you are looking for a greater scope to achieve the look you are after, we have the unfinished character grade solid oak flooring. With unfinished oak flooring, you have the option to finish the boards however you see fit. This way you can achieve exactly the look and feel you require. Like the prefinished boards, these boards feature a range of character, but instead the knots are left unfilled. Again these boards are tongue and grooved around all four sides with grooved underside for stability. These boards are available in widths of 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200m and 220mm+.

Character Grade Solid Oak Flooring

With these options it really is a case of what you want from your floor. If you require a quick and easy floor which is ready to lay after acclimatisation, the prefinished character grade is for you. If you however would prefer a different style of finish or perhaps an alternative width, the unfinished character is for you.

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