Character Or Select Grade Oak Flooring?

13th Nov 2014 @ 12:02

Choosing the right grade for your environment is a critical part of choosing oak flooring. The grading of the board impacts on how the entirety of your room will look. The two grades which sit in the middle of our range are the character and select grades. So what are the differences between each of these grades?

The character grade has always been one of our more popular grades of oak flooring. This is because it is seen as the "middle ground" of oak flooring grades. The character grade is a blend of knots, shakes and fissures, which are combined with areas of perfectly grained oak. The character grade is very much the perfect floor for just about all environments, suiting both older and contemporary areas alike.

Character & Select Oak Flooring

The select grade oak flooring is a "cleaner" grade of oak flooring, when compared to the character. Select grade slots in between the character and the prime grade. Select boards have less knots and shakes than the character grade, but are not as blemish free as the prime grade. These boards are know for their occasional pip knots and tiny cracks. This gives the boards an almost flawless finish, with the slightest bit of character to break up the floor. The select grade is perfect for the more modern homes.

The choice between these grades very much depends on your own preferences and your own environment. The character grade can look great in almost all environments, whereas the select is perhaps more suited for contemporary environments.

Both of these grades are available in our solid oak flooring and engineered oak flooring ranges and available in a number of different widths. If you would like to discuss these further with us, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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