14mm Solid Oak Flooring Glued To Underfloor Heating?!?

6th Nov 2014 @ 15:06

We love to hear how our customers are finding their new oak flooring. We were particularly eager to hear the results of Liz and Andrew Woodward.

Rather than following our usual advice of not glueing down 14mm solid oak boards, and laying engineered oak boards over the top of underfloor heating, Liz and Andrew decided to do the opposite. For their home they laid our ever popular Legere 14mm Solid Oak Flooring. This was glued down using our MS Polymer Adhesive onto the screed, over underfloor heating. It is worth noting that the screed was left to dry for a couple of years and is very sound. Despite this, these are things we would not normally recommend here at Peak Oak.

Our 14mm solid oak flooring is for those more challenging of locations. The 14mm boards are designed to replace carpet that has been laid over a plywood sub-floor, or over an existing wooden sub-floor, whilst losing as little room height as possible. These boards are normally fixed using the secret screwing or secret nailing method.

Oak Flooring In Lounge

As for the underfloor heating, for this we would never recommend laying solid oak flooring. For this, we would recommend engineered oak flooring. Due to the construction of engineered oak boards, they are much more stable and able to cope with varying changes in temperature and humidity. An underfloor heating system will of course have varying temperature changes.

This floor has now been laid for over 4 years now and has encountered no problems whatsoever, despite breaking every oak flooring rule in the book!

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