Why Is Oak Flooring Great For The Dining Room?

19th Sep 2014 @ 15:29

An area that is becoming increasingly popular to use oak flooring is the dining room. So what makes it a great place for oak flooring?

Its Hard Wearing

A dining room will no doubt suffer from stains and spillage's, that will require cleaning away. It is therefore imperative that the floor is able to stand up to these marks. When the floor has been coated up with a hard wearing finishing, the floor is protected against marks. Stains and spillages can often be washed away, whilst muck and dirt can be swept away. Compare this to the likes of carpets, where marks can be very difficult to remove, if not impossible.

Oak Flooring in a Dining Room

Any Colour / Style Is Available

One of the great advantages of choosing an unfinished oak floor is the range of options you have. A number of grades are available, so whether you prefer the rustic look of the barn grade, or the perfection of the prime grade, there is a grade for you. With an unfinished board, this also means you can apply whatever finish you see fit. This allows you to choose whether you prefer a lighter colour or darker colour to suit your environment.

It Looks Great

Nothing quite matches the look of a traditional oak floor. Oak flooring will bring unrivalled character into your home. Couple an oak floor with a solid oak table, and you will have a dining room to behold!

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