Oiled Or Lacquered Oak Flooring?

13th Jun 2014 @ 16:48

The finish you choose for your oak flooring is one of the most important aspects in dictating not only how your oak floor looks, but also how well it is protected. One choice to make is choosing between an oiled finish or a lacquered finish.

Typically an oiled finish will consist of 2 coats. The first coat of an oiled finish will penetrate into the wood. The second coat will then add to this. On the other hand, a lacquered finish will normally consist of at least 3 coats. This finish instead sits on top of the surface forming a protective film.

An oiled finish will generally provide a much more natural finish than that of a lacquer, reviving the natural colour of the wood. As the lacquer sits on the surface, the finish can appear less natural in comparison.

Oiled and Lacquered Finish

Image sourced from www.blanchon.co.uk

Over time oak flooring will scratch, with lacquer perhaps more prone to scratching than an oiled finish.Lacquer does however normally provide good resistance against chemicals. Equally a high quality oil will provide good protection.

Removing and renovating these finishes is perhaps where the key differences lie.

For renovating small areas which have been finished with an oil, it is a quick and easy process. Marks can simply be sanded away locally, and recoated using the same oil. This leaves the area looking as good as new, with little or no sign of restoration. For more information on the restoration of an oiled finish, you can read our guide by clicking here.

When restoring small areas of lacquered oak floors however, it is not as easy. In areas where sanding and recoating has taken place it is normally immediately obvious that it has been restored. This leaves your floor looking very patchy. Therefore with lacquer, it is normally a better option to recoat the entire floor.

With all points considered, the choice between oiled or lacquered finishes comes down to your own personal preference. Whichever you choose, it is important you choose a finish of a high quality that provides a hard wearing finish.

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