What Adhesive Should I Use For My Oak Flooring?

20th May 2014 @ 16:21

Whatever method you choose when fitting your oak flooring, it is imperative that the correct products are used. Using the wrong product can have detrimental effects on your oak flooring.

One method of fitting an oak floor is the glueing method. This method involves glueing your oak flooring directly to the sub-floor. This method should only be used for gluing solid oak flooring boards which are no wider than 120mm. If you wish to glue wider boards, we recommend opting for engineered oak flooring.

For the glueing method, it is vital that you use an adhesive specific for the job. For this we recommend using an flexible adhesive such as the Proflex MS Polymer Adhesive.

Gluing Engineered Oak Boards

The Proflex adhesive is one of the most flexible flooring adhesives that can be used in the installation of a wooden floor to a sub floor. Supplied ready to use, the adhesive is permanently elastic and water free. This glue provides extreme strength, yet is also flexible enough to allow for some movement in the wood.

If you choose a glue which is too rigid and does not allow for movement, your oak flooring is most likely to split or buckle, and could even result in structural damage to your home.

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