Which Hakwood Grade Is Right For Me?

12th May 2014 @ 17:03

Hakwood are very much the pioneers of engineered flooring. In business since 1903, Hakwood flooring can be seen as the "Rolls Royce" of engineered flooring. Over the years they have developed a huge range of floor styles, colours and textures of pre-finished and unfinished flooring.

In the unfinished range of Hakwood engineered oak flooring, there are a number of different grading options available to you. Choosing the right grade for your environment is a critical step when purchasing oak flooring.

For a board with maximum character, look no further than the Classical grade. Similar in grade to our barn grade oak flooring, these boards combine a range of healthy knots, shakes and colour variation. These boards can be perfect for barn conversions and older family homes. Being an engineered board, it also means you can enjoy all this character with modern comforts, such as underfloor heating.

Next up is the Hakwood Rustic grade. These boards can be seen to be similar in grade to our ever popular character grade. This means the boards will feature the knots and shakes as seen in the Classical grade, but also areas of perfectly grained oak. This grade is very much the ideal grade for just about any environment, looking great in older and newer properties alike.

Hakwood Unfinished Boards

For a clean, sleek, engineered oak board with just the slightest bit of character, there is the Hakwood Premier / 1-bis. This grade of flooring looks fantastic in contemporary settings where a near perfect finish is required. These boards have large areas of perfectly grained oak, with just the occasional knot to break up the board.

Last but not least is the Hakwood Prime grade. When the clean, perfection look is required the Prime grade is the way to go. These boards are both uniform and equal in colour. This grade can be perfect for the more contemporary of environments.

All of these grades are made from the same high quality European oak and in lengths over 2 metres. The Classical, Rustic and Premier / 1 -bis are available in widths of 142mm, 180mm and 240mm. The Hakwood Prime grade is available in a width of 180mm. These boards are supplied in an unfinished state, leaving you to finish the boards however you see fit.

To really appreciate these grades it always best to come and see them in person. If you however like to discuss the grades further, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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Can you please explain what “mixed grade” means?

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