How Can I Finish My Solid Oak Door?

7th Mar 2014 @ 18:17

Solid oak doors are truly something to behold, the look and feel of which can never be matched. Therefore choosing the right finish for your door can be a make or break situation.

For our solid oak doors, the products we recommend are normally the same products that can be used on our oak flooring. The right product for you very much depends on your own personal preference.

By far the most popular product we have available are the hard wax oils, such as the Blanchon and the Osmo. As standard on solid oak, these will leave your doors with a rich golden honey colour. This finish is a great way to add a warmer tone to your oak doors.

Oak Door Finish

If this honey style is not to your liking, there are a number of colour options also available. The Blanchon Hard Waxoil - Colours offer a number of different styles. These colours range from the lightness of the white, to the ever popular smoked oak, to the darkness of the black. These range of colours can be seen by clicking here.

If none of the above is exactly what you require, the Blanchon Original Wood Environment may be a product of interest. This product has been specifically designed to protect your timber, without substantially changing its natural, unfinished colour. This allows you to protect your oak door, yet keep its original unfinished look. This product is available in a natural, ultra matt, rough timber and bare timber finish.

To see a complete run down of the various finishes available, you can visit our essential guide to oak floor finishes by clicking here. If you would like any advice on the best finish for your solid oak door, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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