How Can I Insulate My Oak Flooring?

5th Mar 2014 @ 17:24

When purchasing oak flooring, a common requirement nowadays is to install some form of insulation at the same time. This ensures you can have all the benefits of a traditional oak floor alongside some modern day warmth.

One way of warming your home is to install an underfloor heating system. Underfloor heating is a great way of bringing warmth and comfort into your home. However because of the fluctuations of heat of underfloor heating, we do not recommend fitting a solid oak floor over such a system. For this we always recommend fitting an engineered oak floor, which is much more suitable for coping with these changes in temperature.

When fitting solid oak flooring, or when an underfloor heating system is not present, many will still want ways to insulate their homes. There are currently a number of different products on the market which are suitable for purpose.

Here at Peak Oak we like to keep things natural, which is why the only insulation we supply is a sheep's wool insulation. Currently we have the SilentWool: Insulation/Underlay and the Insulation Comfort Rolls available.

Sheeps Wool Insulation Joists

The SilentWool: Floor Insulation/Underlay is 4mm thick. This underlay comprises of a layer of sheep's wool which is bonded to a paper backing. This type of insulation is designed for when you are fitting an oak floor over the top of a wooden or concrete subfloor. The layer of wool acts as a way of removing contact between the two hard surfaces by creating an intermediate layer. This layer absorbs the vibrations.

For situations where you are laying over the top of joists we recommend the use of the Insulation Comfort Rolls. Once again these are made from sheep’s wool and act as both thermal and acoustic insulation. The natural wood fibres are completely safe to touch, work with, and most importantly of all: have within your home. These rolls fit between your joists and offer highly effective insulation, with a superior thermal performance over glass or mineral wool products.

If you would like to learn more regarding either of these insulation products, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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