What Do I Need For Fitting My Oak Flooring?

20th Jan 2014 @ 17:14

A good workman never blames his tools, however a good workman wouldn’t use the wrong tools in the first place. This is none more true when fitting oak flooring. Having the right or wrong materials for the fitting of oak flooring can affect the final results.

The first step is to establish how can your oak flooring be fitted? With this established, you can now proceed with choosing the correct materials for the job.

Screwing/Nailing Method

This method involves driving a screw or nail, through the tongue of each board, at a 45 degree angle into the subfloor or joists. For this there is simply only one type of screw which we recommend, Spax Screws. Traditionally with the secret screwing method, you would have had to drill pilot holes to prevent splitting the wood with the screws. This need no longer be a problem as the Spax Screws have been designed specifically for the fitting of solid wood flooring. These screws require no pre-drilling, saving you all important time.

When additional fixing is required, floor brads through the surface of the board are used.

Glueing Engineered Oak Flooring

Glueing Method

For the glueing down method of fitting oak flooring, the most important aspect is choosing a suitable glue fit for purpose. The adhesive we recommend is a MS Polymer flexible flooring adhesive. These adhesives are supplied ready to use and are permanently elastic and water free. These are strong enough to keep the flooring secure, whilst flexible enough to allow for some natural movement in the wood.

In terms of the application of the glue, we normally recommend the use of a 6mm v notch trowel. This we believe gives a much better adhesions between the board and the sub-floor.

With the boards laid, weights can be placed over the top of the boards, to help with the adhesion rate.

Floating Floor Method

The floating floor method of fitting engineered oak flooring means there is no direct fixing to the sub-floor. Instead the tongue and grooves of each board is glued together. For this a PVA wood glue is recommended.

Finishing The Oak Flooring

With the floor now laid, the final job is to finish the oak flooring. For this, a great tool we recommend is a 220mm wide floor brush. These natural bristle brushes attach to the end of a stale, allowing you to apply your oil quickly and professionally.

If you would like any further information on the materials recommended for the fitting of oak flooring, please give us a call on 01538 304584.

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