Why Should I Finish My Oak Flooring?

17th Jan 2014 @ 17:50

As standard, the majority of the oak flooring in which we supply is done so in an unfinished state. Despite oak flooring being very hard wearing, we always recommend finishing the floor with the likes of waxes and oils.

The most important job of an oak floor finish is to protect the oak flooring. The finish stops any marks from seeping into the oak and staining. Any marks that do appear can instead often be removed from the finish. Without a finish marks could prove difficult to remove, if not impossible. As proved in our guide to oak floor finishes, a high quality finish can protect against some of the toughest of tests.

Hard Wax Oil

Further to protecting the flooring, a finish can also add colour to the oak flooring when required. One of the main types of finishes we recommend is a hard wax oil. As standard these are available in a matt or satin finish. Once applied, these hard wax oils will leave your floor with a warm honey like colour. If this is not to your liking, many of these oils are also available in a number of colour stains. You can see a complete run down of the different styles available by clicking here.

For those who would like to apply a finish, without changing the natural unfinished look of the wood, we recommend the Blanchon Original Wood Environment. This is a water based oil which is designed to protect the wood, but also keep it looking as natural looking as possible.

One of the great advantages of finishing your oak flooring with a hard wax oil, and indeed the Blanchon environment, is that these can be sanded back to return the boards to the unfinished state. This is particularly useful for renovating areas which may have suffered from excessive wear. The oil can simply be reapplied onto these areas. Should you change your mind on how your floor looks, this feature also allows you to apply a different colour, if required.

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